Beijing Charity Roundabout 2017
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May 8th, 2017: Asian Express is proud to share our Beijing office’s recent sponsorship and support for the Beijing charity Roundabout’s open weekend and flea market held over the weekend.

Roundabout is a social enterprise headed by volunteers. They provide a free service connecting those who wish to give, be that monetary or otherwise, to those in need. Started in 2008, they were the first charity store in mainland China. They now give support to 48 charitable organizations in the Beijing area and many more throughout China, Inner Mongolia and Mongolia.

Details of the event in the link:



众爱是一个由自愿者引导的公益单位。 它为捐赠者受赠者之间提供免费的桥梁服务。 创建于2008年,它是中国大陆第一家慈善商店。 现在它支持48个北京地区慈善性质的组织和更多的中国其它地区和内蒙古以及外蒙古地区的慈善性质的组织。


  Last updated: May 9, 2017