Magnetic Inspection for
Exporting Air shipments in China

Magnetic fields causes interference to the control signals of aircrafts navigation system. The International Air Transport Code classifies magnetic items as Class 9 Dangerous Goods and are restricted for exporting air shipments in China. Air shipments that contains magnetic items requires Magnetic Inspection prior to loading for export to ensure the aircraft’s navigation system is not being affected. Please find below a list of the items that requires Magnetic Inspection:

Magnetic Items:

Magnets, magnetic nails, magnetic head, magnetic stripe, magnetic disk, ferrite cores, aluminum nickel and cobalt, electromagnet, magnetic fluid seals, NdFeB (neodymium iron boron), ferrite, off the oil solenoid, rare earth permanent magnet (motor rotor).

Audio Equipments:

Speakers, speaker parts, loudspeaker, speaker stereo, speakers sound, multimedia speakers, CD radio cassette player, mini Hi-Fi, speakers accessories, microphones, car speakers, receiver, buzzer, buzzer semi-finished products, projector, acoustic, VCD player, DVD player, sound devices, audio accessories.


Hair dryer, electric shaver, television, mobile phone, mobile phone parts and accessories, motors, electrical accessories, magnetic toys and parts, magnetic processed products, magnetic pillow, magnetic health products, compass, gear box, rotating parts, inductors components, magnetic coil sensors, electric gear box, relays, magnetron, computers and accessories.

Please note that the above listed is for reference only and is not exhaustive. According to the relevant provisions of IATA902, items 2.1 m where the squat test (7ft) at the maximum measured field strength shall not exceed 0.159A / m (200nT); otherwise, the items are restricted to be exported via air shipment as personal effects.

Please also note that above items may be confiscated by Airport Security and Asian Express will not be liable or responsible for any loss of the items.

The above information herein is correct at the time of preparing, however, changes in laws and convention can alter from time to time which may affect the transportation of Goods. Whilst every effort is made to keep this information as up to date as possible, Asian Express will not accept any responsibility or liability for any changes in import and export regulations.

  Last updated: February 20, 2012