Thailand to Ban Imports of ALL Used Vehicles

With effect from August 26th 2012 Thailand has ban import and registration of second-hand vehicles as follows:

  1. Used car (limited 7 passengers) and used truck (weight lower than 1,600 kgs)
  2. Used motorcycle frame
  3. Used body and parts of all vehicle (excluding engine)

The ban aims to prevent the smuggling of parts used to assemble vehicles to be sold as new. The initiative is viewed as being beneficial to domestic auto-makers as well as for the sake of public safety because ministry officials say many illegally assembled vehicles, especially motorcycles with large engine sizes, were being used for street racing. With supply ending from other countries, the price of used cars will certainly increase dramatically. Almost all new cars sold in Thailand are hit with a punitive luxury tax, so these new measures seemed determined to eliminate the possibility of lower income people being able to purchase any automobile.

  Last updated: August 29, 2012