AEMovers Supports the 100 km Oxfam Trailwalker in Hong Kong
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One more time Asian Express provided support to the Lafuma Team Of Paris with vehicle, driver and logistics along the 100 km course.

It has become a tradition for Asian Express to take part in this charity event and to dedicate a few days a year for noble causes such Oxfam event or supporting the Tsolmon Ireedui Foundation by providing logistics.

This becomes a tradition and trade mark for Asian Express to put our service and knowledge to people in great need" said Mr. Andy Mak, Chairman & Founder of Asian Express.

This year Lafuma Team Of Paris was very much international oriented with runners coming from the United States (Rudy), U.K. (Pavel), France (Mathieu) and Hong Kong (Arnaud). The pre-race period was good, winning the MISG 50 km overall with Pavel and Age Group category with Arnaud and also 2nd overall position at 15 km Mizuno last week for Rudy. Mathieu was coming straight from the Ironman world championship in Hawaii. One hour before the start, the team was getting ready. “With Asian Express we are in good hands, we can just focus on the race as we know that we have a strong back-up at each strategic point of the 100 km course” said Arnaud (Team Captain).

Few minutes before the start, it was time for full concentration, revisiting the race tactic and tips to cope with high level of humidity and the very demanding McLehose trail with these steep hills. It is very important to take the race with a very humble attitude; it has already broken many athletes.

At CP2 the team was still at 5th position within seconds of the 4th team. Attacking one of the hardest part of the course, one of our team members started to cramp. The team unified behind a wounded runner, alternatively towing him with a rope. Mathieu had shown extreme courage to continue the race. Thanks to our Asian Express support team that provided critical assistance along the course. Half way point, Mathieu was evacuating blood and losing consciousness. The race medical assistant examined and declared him unable to continue with the race. Mathieu stayed under medical control a couple of hours before releasing to Asian Express support team.

The rule of the race is very strict; we started with 4 runners and must finish with 4. Therefore the race was over. “We came here with ambitions and we didn’t get the expected results, so of course we are disappointed but it was a fantastic adventure and we have no regret. We would like to thank again Asian Express for their fantastic organization and enthusiastic support team – we are already looking forward to the 2013 race, learning from mistakes to improve the performance” said Arnaud (Team Captain).

  Last updated: December 7, 2012