Shipping Your Precious Car to Hong Kong 2013

You cannot afford to make a mistake when moving your valuable items to Hong Kong from Overseas.

This is why the move of this Precious Bentley Continental GT was entrusted to Asian Express International Movers.

The first step was to collect, test and thoroughly inspect the car in the U.K. Thereafter, transporting and loading it in the container, which included securely tying and lashing the car inside the container.

Upon arrival in Hong Kong, the precious cargo was cleared through Customs and delivered to the Asian Express’ 55,000 square foot warehouse facility. But the job did not finish there.

Next, Asian Express arranged for the Environmental and Road Fitness tests, Customs Import Tax and finally registration of the car.

This Bentley Continental is now free to work its magic on the roads of Hong Kong !

  Last updated: January 29, 2013